Benefits of M3 Miracle Molecule Max:

check-mark-hi Immune Function*
check-mark-hi Sexual Vitality*
check-mark-hi Memory*
check-mark-hi Vision*
check-mark-hi Brain Function*
check-mark-hi Urinary System*
check-mark-hi Muscle and Bones*
check-mark-hi Athletic Performance*
check-mark-hi Weight Loss*
check-mark-hi Organs and Glands*
check-mark-hi Healthy Blood Sugar Levels*
check-mark-hi Anti-Aging*
check-mark-hi Pain & Inflammation Reduction*
check-mark-hi Healthy Blood Pressure & Cholesterol*


M3 Miracle Molecule Max

Delicious Raspberry Flavor.

M3-Miracle Molecule Max is the Ultimate Nitric Oxide Nutrition!  Nitric Oxide (NO) has been touted as the “miracle molecule”.  And for good reason.  It does so many beneficial things in your body (go to m3info.info to find out).  M3 has everything your body needs to generate NO like L-arginine, L-citrulline, watermelon, beets and pomegranate.  It has critical NO protector anti-oxidants:  Vitamins C, D3, a special Vitamin E, Grape Seed and Skin, Blackberry, Raspberry and Camu Camu berry.  It is important that your body be pH balanced to make Nitric Oxide so we have included a broad spectrum of trace minerals.  If your going make sufficient amounts of NO the inner part of your arteries (endothelium) has got to be fresh, supple and healthy!  To ensure this we have put in some well respected herbs like hawthorne berry, horse chestnut, green coffee, and redflower ragleaf.  Finally, you are not “what you eat” you are “what you absorb”!  What have we done to ensure this?  AstraGin is an expensive natural complex that has been proven to help you absorb things like L-arginine by over 60%.  We have put in a double-dose,  a whopping 100 mg!  All this and it tastes delicious too.

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